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Proudly made in Britain since the very beginning

Since the very beginning...
NONEX have trained 1758* operators achieving a 100% safety record in the industry.

Our RockJack Capsule Training (P2)

The capsules are designated U.N. 0432 Articles pyrotechnic for technical purposes, hazard class 1.4s, under the pyrotechnic articles safety regulations certain pyrotechnic articles can only be sold to persons over the age of 18 with specialist knowledge, this status is known as P2 ( per EU directive 2013/29/EU ) however, BS5607** states that the minimum age for a shot-firer should be  21 years. Consequently, NONEX will only provide training to personnel of 21 years or over. We as the manufacturer provide this training specific to our product and it is usually carried out on your rock/concrete at your location.

Training Period

For quarry use this is typically achieved in one 8 hour session with a maximum of 4 students to each course. The course is mainly hands on doing the work and learning a set procedure.  At the end of the day each student carries out the full procedure on his own under the observation of a NONEX instructor, and if done in a safe and confident manner, and showing a complete understanding of technique/procedure, and all safety aspects, he is deemed to be competent and awarded a certificate. For construction/demolition site use, the training is the same but typically can take 2 to 3 days because of HSE constraints on construction or demolition sites. The 2nd/3rd day is usually carrying out work on your projects under a NONEX instructors supervision.

Brief list of some subjects covered within the training syllabus;

∙ Principles of deflagration and difference to detonation

∙ Uses and limitations

∙ Capsule composition and function

∙ Safety aspects

∙ HSE recommendations

∙ PPE required for its use

∙ Equipment required for its use

∙ Basic blast design

∙ Stemming techniques

∙ Test shots

∙ Wiring single and/or multiple capsules in series

∙ Firing and post firing procedure

∙ Misfire procedure

∙ Transporting, storage and disposal

One on one practical instruction in all conditions...

Testing circuit prior to firing...

We establish credibility within the industry

Whether you are a potential trainee or an experienced shot firer, we've got you covered.

Your companies investment in having fully trained and certified operators trained by NONEX in use of it's products, not only demonstrates compliance with relevant laws but also conveys a committed responsibility to heath & safety requirements.

NONEX Procedure book

Display Certificate of Training

Training Certificate & Record Book

Student Declaration form



The certificate is valid whilst ever the capsules remain unchanged in design and function, of which, the original successful design has remained unchanged for the past 25 years.
As the old saying goes; If it works don’t fix it...

** Code of practice for the safe use of explosive in the construction industry.

*1993 - 2020

Our powder carries more than twice the energy of black powder (over 6MJ/kg vs 3MJ/kg) which is why we can get the job done better at half the powder factor!

Our powder carries more than twice the energy of black powder (over 6MJ/kg vs 3MJ/kg) which is why we can get the job done better at half the powder factor!

We are agents for Padley & Venables rock drills and Arbra Instruments
range of exploders and ohmmeters

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NONEX products are made in the UK

The NONEX factory operates under its own HSE License to Manufacture (and Store) Explosives ref No XI/4111/2136 /1

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