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Frequently asked questions


How it works ¬

The Rockjack® Pyrotechnic Breaking Capsules ( PBC ) product uses a unique rock fracturing process that relies on the principle of deflagration (fast burning) of a pyrotechnic compound instead of the detonation caused shockwave of conventional high explosives which are better suited to fragmentation for aggregates.


What's inside ¬

The capsules come with built in igniter’s and are electrically initiated either as a single shot or a series of shots with conventional certified exploders, the main charge is our own unique pyrotechnic mixture tailored to suit the dimensional stone industry, they are waterproof for a fully flooded shot-hole up to 3m depth and come with standard leg wire lengths from 1m to 3m and can be supplied with longer wires if required.


Sizes ¬

There are two diameter sized capsules; 28mm & 40mm. The 28mm are for drilled bore holes of 30mm to 35mm, and the larger 40mm diameter are for drilled bore holes of 45mm to 51mm. Capsule charge weights are 25g/50g/75g/100g/150gram for the 28mm diameter range and 200g/400g for the 40mm diameter range. Typically the higher charge weight 150g/200g/400gram are used for accurate benching of block and mass rock removal. The smaller charge weight 25g/50g/75g/100g range of capsules are for splitting the benched blocks down to whatever size required for transport or processing, or can be used in boulder busting, trenching and concrete fracturing applications.


Nonex Systems Ltd RockJack® PBC Product Technical Specifications ¬ Please CLICK HERE

Nonex RockJack® PBC Product Technical Specifications; to view/download the Technical Specifications leaflet.


How it is used ¬

Simply drill the correct diameter hole to the required depth. Insert the capsule and stem up to the surface. Connect the leg wires to shot firing cable. Retire to a safe distance. Conduct a final circuit test, then fire the shot. For multiple shots, the leg wires are connected in series, and the number of shots will be determined by the output capacity of your exploder, which can be from; 9 capsules, and up to 38 (based on 400gram capsule with 3m leg wires) with the two smallest exploders we supply. For larger blasts, for example, in mass rock removal the ARBRA MK 19 exploder we supply, is capable of firing a series of up to 100 capsules simultaneously.


How safe is it ¬

These RockJack® PBC products are non detonating low explosives and cannot be made to detonate. They will only cause any kind of blast if very heavily confined. If the capsules are initiated unconfined in the open air or within its packaging, they will only burn slowly, similar to a flare. Therefore only poses a fire hazard, so a very safe product to use store and transport. It has been classified by the HSE as Hazard type HT4 for storage and UN hazard division 1.4S for transport. These are the lowest hazards and safest types of explosives.


How is it purchased ¬

As RockJack® PBC is not classed as a civil or relevant explosive. You do not need an Explosives certificate or Acquire and Keep certificate to purchase the product. It is also exempt from track and trace regulations. However, you do need to be trained in its use by us the manufacturer. Shot firing certificate holders past and present will only need familiarisation with the difference of RockJack® to high explosives and its stemming techniques. Orders are processed same day and goods delivered to you the next day throughout most of UK regions.


How it is stored ¬

The new Explosive regulations which came into effect in October 2014 now require that all explosive stores greater than 5kg of HT4 / 1.4S need a storage license however, in England non metropolitan areas this will normally be done via your local trading standards department of the local authority, in England metropolitan areas the Fire and Rescue services, Scotland and Wales the licensing authority is the local council. For up to 5kg no storage license is needed, quantities of over 5kg up to 250kg require a storage license and there is no restriction placed on type of store, everything from metal shipping containers, brick buildings, sheds, garages and segregated areas within buildings are all permitted, as long as the product is kept separate from flammable liquids sources of ignition and kept securely.


How is it transported ¬

All our deliveries are via standard couriers (currently TNT). They are shipped as hazardous goods, with explosives of hazard class 1.4s. An ADR vehicle and placarding is not required, unlike all the other classes of explosives. Should you need to transport the product between your various sites, it simply needs to be carried separate from the vehicle cab, and a 2kg powder fire extinguisher should be in the vehicle with a Tremcard (supplied by NONEX Systems Ltd). The Tremcard should be in view within the vehicle cab in the event of any emergency, then placed out of view when the product is no longer on board the vehicle. The transport category is TC4 = Very low danger. When boarding ferries vehicle placarding is required when boarding/during the voyage/alighting. The capsules can also be transported via air cargo freight in unlimited quantities, and in limited quantities on passenger aircraft.


Product Quality assurance ¬

All RockJack® PBCs are CE marked. The individual capsules are type-certified and the manufacturing process is structured around our quality assurance system. Through our insistence on reliability, we have perfected the manufacturing process to the point of ensuring that; no malfunctions are caused by defects in the product. To this effect, we use only Davey Bickford igniter's (considered the best in the industry) and test every single ignition sub-assembly before passing it on for completion. We proudly testify that our track record shows zero misfires from faulty assembly. In line with EU directive 2013/29/EU article 17(a)(ii) of pyrotechnic articles, NONEX Systems Ltd have achieved certificates of production quality assurance for our RockJack® PBC products.

NONEX Systems Ltd in 2017 initially enlisted the services of TUV Rheinland notified body 1008, and their expertise in the field of pyrotechnics and explosives, and subsequently in 2019 enlisted the services of CerTrust notified body 2806, who are also experts in the explosives and pyrotechnics industry, for our ongoing auditing and Module -D- Certification, our current certificate issued is valid from 30/09/2021 until 30/09/2023.

Official Production Quality Certificates awarded to NONEX Systems Ltd by TUV Rheinland Module -D- Certificate & ongoing auditing for Module -D- Certificates awarded by CerTrust.


Safety ¬

Many features of the RockJack® PBC product design are incorporated with the safety of the operator in mind. All capsule leg wires are wrapped in a true figure of 8 configuration to eliminate effects of any potential RF (radio frequency) that may cause unintended initiation. Each leg wire is shunted to close the circuit and render it safe from any unintended source of extraneous electricity. Leg wires are a fluorescent orange colour to ensure they are not missed or accidentally damaged when connecting up a series of multiple shots. Capsules are waterproof to the depth of a 3 metre flooded shot hole to prevent any chance of misfires  during use. We test every single ignition sub-assembly for continuity and resistance which guarantees its function in the field. Many of these features contribute to the prevention of misfires which greatly improves the safety of the shot firer in charge who would have to deal with a misfire situation.


Our service ¬

We pride ourselves on always having substantial stock and being able to dispatch orders the same day for delivery next day throughout most of the UK.
Clients are always welcome to collect from our factory distribution point, should they require the product on the same day. We are also always available to help with any advice or information on; usage, storage, training, equipment, or your particular application or projects.


Equipment and accessories ¬

Use of certain items of shot firing equipment are essential to comply with UK legislation (BS-5607). As listed here;

Essential Equipment
Certified exploder - Certified Ohm-meter - Shot firing cable - Day box - Warning signage - Shot warning (air horn or whistle) - 1.4S Hazard labels for storage container.

NONEX Systems Ltd are agents for Padley & Venables rock drilling equipment and Arbra range of Exploders & Ohm meters. We also supply all other equipment required for using RockJack® PBCs such as stem rods / shot firing cable / bridge wire / day boxes / stem plugs / and basic starter kits to get you up and running to more complex tailored kits for your specific needs.

Click HERE for more information about our essential and optional equipment »

Click HERE for more information about our ancillary and optional equipment »


Value, we will not be beaten on price ¬

Price beat guarantee: Nonex will beat any other similar product on price.

Send us a written quotation from the supplier of a similar product and we will guarantee to beat it. We also offer discounts on high volume orders* should you wish to purchase a single annual supply. * Please telephone if you have a high volume order to discuss discounts.


Limitations in its use ¬

Because of the way RockJacks® fracturing method functions, and the safety aspects that make it so safe compared to conventional explosives, it does have some limitations in its use.

Primarily; it will not work in very porous heavily fissured or cracked rock or concrete as the gases will vent and diffuse and fail to reach high enough pressure to properly function.

Secondary; the capsules need to be charged and stemmed to a certain depth to contain the pressure build up to the point of fracture. This means for example; concrete or rock less than 500mm thick would be unsuitable for its application.


Vibration and noise studies (Downloads/PDF's) ¬

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