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Nonex Systems Ltd. Drilling Equipment


Nonex Systems Ltd. Drilling Equipment

Proudly made in Britain since the very beginning

NONEX Systems Ltd RockJack® Capsules Product information

Nonex RockJack® & introduction:

NONEX Systems Ltd have been supplying the UK dimensional stone quarrying industry for over 25 years with a product designed for the specific needs of this sector of the stone industry, it is a safer easier and less restrictive alternative to black powder and high explosives being particularly suited to dimensional stone primary and secondary breakage.

The product also has uses in fracturing or demolition of mass reinforced concrete, mass rock removal and boulder busting, trenching and shaft sinking.
NONEX Systems Ltd RockJack® is a British product invented, researched and developed by this company and manufactured in the UK since 1993.

We at NONEX Systems Ltd are the sole manufacturer and distributor of RockJack® PBC (Pyrotechnic Breaker Capsule) in the UK.
NONEX Systems Ltd clients testify; ‘Often copied never equalled’.

NONEX Systems Ltd RockJack’s® many other uses…

• Blasting in sensitive and restrictive environments where use of high explosive are prohibited
• Dimensional Stone Block Splitting
• Secondary Breakage For Crushing
• Benching Block stone
• Concrete Breaking
• Mass Rock Removal & Trenching
• Geotechnical Rock Stabilisation uses
• Boulder Busting & Various Other Construction Industry Applications
• Mass Reinforced Concrete Demolition
• Shaft Sinking
• Uses close to, and within buildings and basements
• Micro Blasting Applications

NONEX Systems Ltd Substantial Savings…

Substantial savings on time, labour and tool wear compared to traditional methods of stitch drilling & plug and feather. Waterproof, safer, easier to use and more energetic than black powder.
Although slower burning (and therefore safer)… Our powder carries more than twice the energy of black powder (over 6MJ/kg vs 3MJ/kg) which is why we can get the job done better at half the powder factor!

NONEX Systems Ltd RockJack® PBCs are classified UN0432: “Articles, pyrotechnic for technical purposes”.
For you and your business this means;

• No storage license for up to 5kg NEC (NEC= Net Explosive Content. Not gross weight)
• Over 5kg up to 250kg NEC simplified storage license via local council
• No Acquire & Keep certificate or explosives certificate required
• No track and trace
• 6 to 10 times less vibration than ANFO
• Low shipping cost and simplified transportation
• Non detonating so no supersonic shock wave or air overpressure

Nonex Systems Ltd RockJack® PBC Product Technical Specifications
Please click leaflet/image to view and or download the full specification of RockJack® PBC capsules

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RockJack® Capsule Information

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